Waze Casino

Waze Casino is an upgraded version of Lucky Palace and Crown Casino. On Feb 2024, Waze Casino has replaced Lucky Palace and Crown Casino.

From a humble beginning, Waze Casino have grown to become a leading online casino in Malaysia. We are one of the selected top 3 online casino website by top casino ranking company in Malaysia.  We provide Playtech and Dodo Gaming Brands of products. Now players can play two casino brands in one platform !


Waze Casino is a popular online gambling place which is known for its quality games and online services in Malaysia. The trend of play casino in Malaysia has been increased in past few year due to online casino Malaysia which has opened doors for every person to bet and gamble easily. In an online casino, you can easily pay money when playing casino, while collecting your winning amount is also very easy and secure as compare to playing live casino in a physical casino club.

Waze Casino is indeed a great example through which we can easily know the reasons behind the popularity of online casino in Malaysia, but what else make it popular? Let’s take a look at the following list of reasons.

Business philosophy

We persists in the business philosophy of modernization of management, automation of equipment, specialization of item, elaboration of production. All the online casino brands that we have offered are made of the best technology with first-class technical team. Waze Casino enjoy the terms of uniformity and smoothness, user friendly, flexibility, safty, reliability capability, which captured the mass of customer high speaking recommendation. With the development of the high speed internet line and the requirement from the market, we also have innovative improvement following the pulse of the epoch.

Good credit standing

Our company is based on the good credit standing and the best quality. We offered multifold refinement online casino for exploit of the backland market. The international market has also opened the gate for us. Our online casino has been exported to South East Asia.

Research and development

Our reserch and development facility is equipped with the latest equipment which include a unit of advanced high speed Cisco Rounter. Our team consists of a dedicated workforce and high-technology equipment. Waze Casino continuous emphasis on quality assurance and customer services as well as product R&D which formed a solid foundation from which we reach for greater heights. These qualities have enable us to compete effectively and efficiently, with the international players. Our innovative designs, high quality web, cost efficiency and timely delivery have attracted a legion of loyal customers.